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Next Event:
Friday 24. June 2016, 19:00–22:00  // Jewellery & Fashion influenced by 3D Tech

On this evening a mixture of people will come togehter:
Makers + Designers + IOT Tech people + Artists.

Location: Makeeria · Maximilianstr. 33 · 80539 München

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Fashion meets Technology

FashTech Munich connects the fashion, technology and health industry. We inspire people and enable the dialogue between thinkers, founders, developers, designers, CEOs and fashion retailers.

Our talks and networking events are about innovative business models, wearables, cutting edge technologies, big data and how it impacts sectors such as retail, production/logistics and health.

Wearables & Style

  • Textile and Materials
  • Wearable Technology
  • Fashion Design
  • Jewellery

M-Health & Medical

  • Mobile Health Applications
  • Sensors, RFID, NFC
  • Body care
  • Fashion connects

Shopping Experiences

  • Future Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Experience
  • Online & Offline Experience

Production & Logistics

  • Manufacturing process
  • Logistical processes
  • RFID, NFC, Sensors
  • Sustainability

Next Event

Friday 24. June 2016, 19:00—22:00  
 Jewellery & Fashion influenced by 3D Tech 

Location: Makeeria · Maximilianstr. 33 · 80539 München

On this evening a mixture of people will come togehter: Makers + Designers + IOT Tech people + Artists.

Join our next event at Makeria ! See and learn how the fashion and jewellery world will be influenced by 3D tech like 3D scan, 3D software editing and 3D print. Thanks to MakeMunich and their June location „Makeria" we are lucky to have all this technology at our next event place at Maximilianstrasse 33. People from the field of design and art will show you how they already adopted and integrated this technology in their daily work process.

16:00–18:00 Uhr
Workshow presentation + Workshop
(3d Scan + 3D software editing + 3D print)
Language: German

18:30–19:30 Uhr
Talks on FashTech & IOT
(will be announced soon)

19:30–21:00 Uhr

21:00–22:00 Uhr
ARTyGang will join us for entertainment
(Singer, Dancer, Pianist and Fashion model)

Past events

Tue 23. February 2016, 19:00–21:00  //  FashTech@MCBW

Location: Wayra · Kaufingerstraße 15 · 80331 Munich

FashTech @ Munich Creative Business Week
Fashion meets Technology: Wearables, Omni-Channel, Shopping Experiences

Sat 16. – Sun 17.  January 2016  //  Two day festival @MakeMunich

Location: Zenith - Die Kulturhalle · Lilienthalallee 29 · 80939 München

During #MakeMunich, we will showcase innovative fashion technology solutions for a two day festival. Join the founders of 8 innovative wearable technology companies for two days of demonstration and instruction. Over 3,500 visitors will be in attendance and utilize this opportunity to connect and learn about various solutions as we enter the era where technology and creativity intersect.

Impressions: Look at image gallery
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Tue 24. November 2015, 19:00–21:00  //  Second FashTech Meetup

Location: Wayra · Kaufingerstraße 15 · 80331 Munich

Join our second FashTech meetup about smart clothes. We will introduce Antelope the most revolutionary sportswear of the past decades based on the embedded EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology. Furthermore we present combyne a startup based in Munich that develop a fashion inspiration app.

App-enabled Muscle Activating Smart Cloth
In the near future smart clothes will become more important. They will support people in all situations. The sportswear series ANTELOPE is one of these game changer products – ANTELOPE starts a new era of fitness now. The ANTELOPE Series is the world’s first muscle activating sportswear that helps you reach your fitness goals faster and more efficiently, only by wearing clothes.

Combyne - The outfit combination app
Combyne inspires you to create amazing looks quick and easy. This app is like a digital changing room!

Tue 11. August 2015 starts at 19:30  //  First FashTech Meetup

Location: FashTech Munich · Steinerstrasse 15A · 81369 Munich

Join our first FashTech meetup and get insights about the future of wearables. We will introduce cosinuss – a healthcare wearable startup from Munich. They will give us an inspiring talk about how their business started, how they work and all about how the medical market is changing through wearable technologies.

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